Level Platforms Promotes Managed Workplace 2011 to MSPs

Just in time for the New Year, LPI Level Platforms Inc. is demonstrating Managed Workplace 2011 to established and aspiring managed services providers worldwide. Generally speaking, it sounds like Level Platforms' partners are very upbeat about the new release -- which arrives amid growing competition within the remote monitoring and management (RMM) software market.

According to a prepared statement, Managed Workplace enhancements include:

  • Device Manager: Allows the monitoring of remote Windows devices such  as roaming laptops, servers in remote offices or data centers, kiosks, small home offices and clients with no server or peer-to-peer networks.
  • Automation on Demand: Includes standard scripting techniques and libraries, allowing MSPs to assign automated tasks to multiple devices.
  • Deep Asset Scanning: Newly discovered devices are automatically scanned for assets. Plus, MSPs can request an instant update for any device.
  • Cloud Management: A single platform to help MSPs monitor interactions between on-premise SMB devices and cloud services.
  • Various usability enhancements.

Staying On Message

No doubt, the RMM market is fiercely competitive. Plus, some RMM software companies are pushing into new directions -- focusing on mid-size enterprises, massive cloud data centers, vertical markets and so on. But Level Platforms is staying true to its focus -- SMB technology for managed services providers.

Moreover, Level Platforms has been working hard to maintain a healthy coopetition relationship with the ConnectWise Capital-LabTech Software combo. While LabTech and Level Platforms compete on some fronts, Level Platforms had a strong showing at the November 2010 ConnectWise IT Nation conference in Orlando. At the IT Nation conference, roughly 100 Level Platforms customers attended a one-day private partner gathering.

Still, new competition seems to be popping up all the time. In addition to entrenched rivals, RMM companies from Europe and Australia-New Zealand are preparing U.S. moves. Regardless, Level Platforms CEO Peter Sandiford sounds confident heading into 2011. "With this release there is no reason for anyone to ever choose another RMM product," Sandiford asserted in an email to me.

That's a pretty loft claim. But there are indications that some non-Level Platforms MSPs are considering a switch to Managed Workplace 2011. "The platform seems stable and I trust those guys," said the CEO of one Master MSP, while referring to Sandiford and Level Platforms VP Dan Wensley.

I'll sign off with my usual disclaimer: MSPmentor does not run or test any RMM software. Readers should kick the tires on their own, testing a range of RMM offerings to see which solutions fit their specific business needs.

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