Level Platforms, CharTec: Partnering Up?

Level Platforms, CharTec: Partnering Up?

chartec level platformsCall it an MSP industry mashup. CharTec, in addition to working more closely with ConnectWise, is also building a close relationship with Level Platforms, according to multiple sources familiar with the strategy. Do I have the exact details? Um, not really. But here's some speculation.

First, the usual background in case you haven't been following MSPmentor...

CharTec specializes in Hardware as a Service (HaaS), and ultimately wants to promote Technology as a Service (TaaS) to MSPs. Apparent true believers include Everon Technology Services, an MSP that recently embraced CharTec's HaaS guidance. Some folks also consider CharTec as a potential option for MSPs that want to compete with Dell's direct hardware sales. And there are also signs that CharTec will work more closely with ConnectWise, the PSA software provider.

Meanwhile, Level Platforms is a remote monitoring and management platform. The company's latest release, Managed Workplace 2010, debuted earlier this month.

In recent weeks, some MSPs have been buzzing about a potential relationship between CharTec and Level Platforms. The chatter has grown louder (much louder) this week. Although I have yet to see or hear an official announcement, it's safe to say CharTec and Level Platforms will be working together to assist MSPs. I'm standing by for a potential announcement...

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