Jamcracker and Eucalyptus Partner For Private Clouds

Eucalyptus Systems is probably best known as the open source private cloud platform provider. Jamcracker is a unified cloud services delivery and management provider. Together, Eucalyptus and Jamcracker are now offering self-service infrastructure clouds to the IT world. Here’s the skinny.

Jamcracker Platform Enterprise Edition allows organizations to provision public and private clouds, while the Eucalyptus platform is built around turning existing hardware into a private, Amazon EC2-compatible, workload-sharing cloud.

Put the two together, the two companies say, and you have a solution for procuring Eucalyptus-based infrastructure through Jamcracker, making it easy to set up private and hybrid clouds on demand.

“Through this partnership with Eucalyptus Systems, we are providing organizations with a pre-integrated solution that makes it easy to centralize the resource provisioning, creation, and management of private clouds as wells as hybrid clouds that can tap computing resources in the public cloud,” said Steve Crawford, VP of marketing and business development for Jamcracker, in a prepared statement.

We’ve had our eye on Eucalyptus for a while -- and this isn’t Jamcracker’s first strategic cloud partnership of the year. Jamcracker has reinvented itself numerous times since the dot-com implosion, most recently promoting itself as a multi-tenant, and multi-tiered cloud delivery and management solution.

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