Hosted Managed Services: PacketTrap Targets Europe

Hosted Managed Services: PacketTrap Targets Europe

Packet-Trap-Logo.thumbnailPacketTrap Networks is the latest managed services software specialist to develop a SaaS (software as a service) strategy targeting Europe. Specifically, a European distributor will start hosting PacketTrap's platform soon, according to Mike Byrne, director of product management at PacketTrap.

Tekdata Distribution will host PacketTrap's software in the United Kingdom, Byrne says. Moreover, PacketTrap is negotiating with a major Master MSP to host PacketTrap's software in Australia, Byrne adds.

PacketTrap, acquired by Quest Software in December 2009, focuses on network-centric managed services rather than emphasizing PC-centric services. Quest has continued to invest in PacketTrap and signs of a global PacketTrap push surfaced in April 2010.

On the European SaaS front, PacketTrap's Tekdata relationship arrives at a key time. Multiple MSP software providers already have critical mass in Europe. And several upstarts are making their own moves.

For instance, LabTech Software partnered with T2 Solutions to move into the United Kingdom. And CentraStage, a European company, claims to be winning business with former Kaseya MSPs.

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