Guidance Consulting Launches "Eco-Friendly" Disaster Recovery Planning

IT solutions and services vendor Guidance Consulting has launched a new line of disaster recovery planning services designed to help companies of all sizes come up with a plan for recovering data and getting up and running with minimal downtime. The twist is that they’re aiming it at companies looking to be better to the environment. Interesting idea -- but is just a game of buzzword bingo?

Guidance Consulting’s press release indicates that the Disaster Planning Recovery package entails making sure their clients’ systems are up-to-date so if and when disaster strikes, they’re never missing any critical patches or updates. And if it looks like the customer is growing too big for their current recovery infrastructure, Guidance says it’ll be there.

So where does the eco-friendly aspect come in? Well, that same press release seems vague on the details, but the idea seems to revolve around bringing their customers onto “digital storage” from tapes, paper, and “inefficient hardware” to reduce “dependence on wasteful resources.”

That raises my original issue. Guidance Consulting Disaster Planning Recovery, as a product and a brand, sounds like a worthwhile investment for companies that are still racing to meet modern IT needs -- at least on paper. But branding it “green” makes it sound less like a real product and more like an SEO (search engine optimization) gimmick designed to appeal to executives more concerned with adding a buzzword to their Powerpoint presentations than disaster recovery.

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