GroundWork Open Source Launches Certification Sweepstakes

GroundWork Open Source, which develops management and monitoring solutions for the IT channel, has announced a sweepstakes they say is designed to help their partners expand their business. Just buy a GroundWork Enterprise QuickStart package, and you’ll be entered to win $4,500 towards getting certified with organizations like the Linux Foundation or JBoss. Here’s the scoop.

They’re calling it the GWOS Professional Education/Certification Giveaway, and they company says it’s intended to give back to their partner community by picking one of them a month through September to receive that $4,500 reimbursement. The GWOS press release indicates that they’ve chosen over a dozen vendor certifications to choose from including those from Oracle and Cisco.

The idea seems to be that helping GWOS partners expand their business will give them more opportunities to deploy GroundWork Monitor systems - not to mention the potential sales boost the sweepstakes itself can bring, with the Enterprise QuickStart package going for $49/year for the first hundred devices. Given the recent MSP-focused additions GroundWork’s made to their flagship product, it doesn’t sound like a bad deal.

Of course, existing partners are also eligible by the looks of things, and one can’t discount the fact that it’s also just a nice bonus for resellers, no matter what GWOS gets out of it.

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