Google Apps Updates Exchange Migration Tool

Google quietly launched an update for their Microsoft Exchange migration tool. The feature list may look anemic, but a few new Google Apps Migration for Microsoft Exchange features can go a long way. Here are some details.

The new features as per Google’s blog entry, with MSPmentor’s commentary after:

  1. IMAP support - Google says that with this ability, systems like Novell Groupwise open up for Google Apps migration, too. It means that they’re no longer just going after Microsoft directly. It can also be used to migrate between Google Apps accounts, if that comes up.
  2. PST support - Administrators can migrate PST files on behalf of users once everything’s in one place. Potentially a handy capability.
  3. Better support for hosted Exchange - This is the big one: now Google isn’t merely going after on-premise Microsoft Exchange deployments anymore. Just run the tool on your local servers, no intervention by your current hosted Exchange provider required. MSPs should take note of how this could be used for moving over companies who have already been sold on the benefits of SaaS but are ready to go over to Google.
As I said, small features - but I suspect they may improve the lives of Google Apps resellers, especially as more companies are willing to evaluate Exchange’s dominance in the enterprise.

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