Google Apps, So Happy Together?

Google Apps, So Happy Together?

Salesforce logoA few weeks ago I noted that plans to make a major announcement on April 14. I wasn't sure what the news was, but there are growing indications that it includes gaining closer hooks to Google Apps. If true, this could be a defining moment for the software as a service industry.

In a SeekingAlpha blog entry, TechCrunch co-editor Erick Schonfeld says plans to resell Google Apps.

Frankly, I think a lot of people continue to underestimate Google Apps. In many ways, it lacks the power of Microsoft Office. But emerging offline capabilities and growing interest from large enterprises (such as Hofstra University) suggest Google Apps is maturing rapidly.

Remember, the Google Apps suite and related services includes more than online documents and spreadsheets. For instance, Salesforce customers can already manage their AdWords campaigns from within, notes Schonfeld.

As the managed services market continues to converge with SaaS, VARs will surely hear from customers who want to better understand how Google Apps, Zoho and other online applications can potentially benefit their companies.

I'm not suggesting that Google Apps will fully replace Microsoft Office. Similar to how the microwave oven complemented traditional stoves, Google Apps will start to complement Office in many user environments over the next few years.

That movement could accelerate if Google Apps truly plays a role in's April 14 announcement.

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