Google Apps: Los Angeles Reality Check, Part II

Yesterday, we gave our take on a City of Los Angeles memo that indicated a possible delay in their adoption of Google Apps. Since then, Google itself reached out to me to point out a blog entry from the migration project itself addressing the concerns raised. The message? Keep calm and carry on. Here’s the deal.

Point by point, blogger Kevin Crawford addresses the issues raised by the now-famous memo and the buzz around it. Essentially, he says that the network latency problems were caused by legacy issues, that additional training has solved most of the “missing functionality” troubles and is working with Google to develop new and needed features, and that the LAPD is on board with the deployment pending a full audit.

I’ll try not to be smug that additional training initiatives solved the problem I said it would, and instead point out that Crawford is very insistent that the Google Apps migration project schedule was never in any danger.

“This is all NORMAL stuff happening here and the project is still on track to deliver per the schedule!” he writes.

So while I doubt that they’re having the clear skies for deployment they claim to, it looks like everybody on both sides of the Google and Los Angeles deal is happy, and all that cloud paranoia was just that.

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