Google Android App Market: Problems Fixed?

Google Android App Market: Problems Fixed?

Is Google experiencing growing pains? A case in point: Software developers apparently have been running into issues with the Android Market, where application download counts seemed to be dipping instead of rising. Alas, PCWorld is reporting an ISV backlash against Google. Have the problems now been fixed? Here are some perspectives.

Google wrapped up the problem fairly quickly: When the issue popped up on Saturday, June 12, Google wrote a blog entry saying they were on top of it. And when the problem was fixed June 13, that same blog entry was updated to reflect the fix. Still, developers felt left out in the cold by Google’s general lack of outreach, especially in light of the Android Market’s recent history.

Several weeks ago, the Android Market ran into a similar problems where mobile applications were simply disappearing from store listings, and the same complaints of a lack of outreach popped up then, too, according to PCWorld. Now, some Android developers are expressing concern about Google's missteps.

The backlash seems odd to me: Generally speaking, every Google developer and solution provider I’ve ever spoken with has praised the search giant’s responsiveness -- and concern for the well-being of their partners. That said, the facts of the case don't really matter when a backlash like this hits.

If Google doesn’t do some rehab on their public image in the developer community after this, they’re going to lose some of their much-needed goodwill.

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