Eversync Offers Subscription Price for Hybrid Virtual Backup

Data protection solutions provider Eversync has announced the release of its Eversync Virtual Backup Software, a VMware virtual appliance that backs up both physical servers, virtual servers and applications. Additionally, the company said that Eversync Virtual Backup Software is available as a subscription-based service, starting at less than $200 per month. Here are the details.

Eversync Virtual Backup Software is available now as part of Eversync OS Release 5.1, which also includes support for Windows Server 2012 and Windows 8 and larger appliance configurations. The company says that currently available appliances now support hard drives of up to 4 TBs.

Pricing for Eversync Virtual Backup Software is available in four packages, based on raw storage capacity for data protection:

  • Basic Edition for $190/month -- up to 2 TB for effective storage of up to 20 TB of data
  • Mid-Range Edition for $240/month -- up to 3 TB for effective storage of up to 30 TB of data
  • Enterprise Edition for $420/month -- up to 5 TB for effective storage of up to 50 TB of data
  • Enterprise Plus Edition for $800/month -- up to 10 TB for effective storage of up 100 TB of data
There are no separate per-server, per-socket, or per-user fees.

According to Chief Marketing Officer Joan M. Wrabetz, Eversync is the  "first vendor to offer a solution for virtual backup that is sold on a subscription basis. Our goal is to provide the same kind of flexible pay-as-you-grow solutions for on-premise backup that customers are looking for from managed service based solutions."

Managed services providers (MSPs) can expect the following features from the company's solution:
  • Replication -- Apply disaster recovery options, including site-to-site replication, remote office replication and site-to-cloud replication.
  • Deduplication -- Take advantage of Eversync's solid-state drive (SSD) enhanced deduplication results in storage capacity reduction of over 10 times.
  • VMware integration -- Provide agentless backup of virtual servers through the integration with VMware, including features like VM discovery and tracking, change block tracking, browse and click instant restores of virtual machines, and object level restores for Microsoft Exchange and SQL Server running inside of virtual machines.
  • Mobile applications -- Manage and monitor the software anywhere with the Eversync Mobile App, which is available for all major mobile devices.
Wrabetz added that companies face challenges when it comes to virtual backup. "In order to be effective, the backup solution really needs to be well-integrated with the hypervisor, so many companies look for a new backup solution that meets these needs," she said. Some backup solutions poorly execute the job of backing up existing physical servers, she added, forcing customers to implement multiple backup solutions.

Eversync sells its products through channel partners ocused on mid-sized enterprises and virtualization. The company's partner program is available information is available on its website.
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