Europe's CentraStage Makes Managed Services Moves

Europe's CentraStage Makes Managed Services Moves

The crowded market for remote monitoring and management (RMM) software apparently has yet another contender: CentraStage of the United Kingdom is hoping to carve a bigger niche for itself, promoting SaaS-centric administration tools to MSPs. Here are some quick details.

According to Managing Director Christian Nagele, CentraStage has been quietly developing a SaaS RMM proposition over the last couple of years, focusing initially on the United Kingdom market. More recently, CentraStage has been positioning itself as an alternative for MSPs that are evaluating Kaseya's new K2 platform.

Asserts Nagele: "...with Kaseya moving to K2, with the inevitable bumps along the way (engineering multi-tenancy into what is a very feature-rich product can’t have been easy...), we are seeing an increasing number of MSPs looking for alternatives. We believe CentraStage is a viable option for IT support businesses and in fact are seeing increasing numbers of MSPs in the UK moving to CentraStage from Kaseya."

But therein lies the rub: How many MSPs are actually embracing CentraStage? And are numerous MSPs really defecting from Kaseya -- at a time when Kaseya says it's generating record revenues and customer adoption? I concede: I need to do more digging on both points, especially with regard to Kaseya's SaaS pricing and the implications for MSPs.

Meanwhile, the highly fragmented managed services software market extends far beyond Kaseya. CentraStage will also need to compete against entrenched players like Level Platforms, CA Inc.'s Nimsoft, N-able and Zenith Infotech; pure SaaS players like Citrix GoToManage (formerly Paglo) and GFI Max; and growing players like LabTech Software, Quest Software's PacketTrap and New Zealand's Navarisk. (If I forgot a name don't flame me; post a comment instead).

Keep It Simple

In an  email exchange, Nagele concedes that CentraStage isn't trying to be all things to all people.

Noted Nagele:
"We lack some of the high-end features common in tools like Kaseya, such as integrated online backup and AV – but we aim to provide the core functionality that MSPs require, and we aim to provide it at a far lower cost than some of our competitors. We also introduce new features every 3 months, all driven by our customers, so the delivery of new functionality is rapid."
Translation: It sounds like a classic SaaS strategy to me. In the days ahead, I hope to connect with Nagele on the phone to explore CentraStage's current installed base and growth strategy for 2010.

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