Company Goes Green By Going Google Apps

A lot of enterprises go to cloud services for the cost savings or the flexibility. But the Google Enterprise Blog has the story of how Diversey, a hygiene solutions vendor, went to the Google Apps suite for its energy savings potential - and how they won an award for doing so. Here’s the scoop.

In his guest post over at Google, Diversey VP and CIO Brent Hoag explains that the company was recognized by InformationWeek magazine for its environmentally efficient cloud strategy. And Hoag says that since the May 2009 Google migration, they’ve cut carbon dioxide emissions by 73 metric tons - the equivalent, they claim, of taking 15 passenger vehicles off the road.

Of course, Hoag praises Google Apps flexibility and collaboration aspect. But the blog entry makes it clear that the real appeal to Diversey was the ability to eliminate 10 company servers and move that processing into the time-share that is the cloud.

“In Google, we’ve found a good partner in the sustainability movement, and look forward to continuing to meet and exceed our sustainability and innovation goals together,” Hoag writes.

MSPmentor is very much used to hearing about how the cloud can save money versus traditional on-premises deployments. But this is a rare case where the environment was the leading factor in the decision to go to a SaaS model.

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