Comcast Launches File Storage Service

Comcast Launches File Storage Service

Comcast is the latest telecommunications supergiant to enter the cloud backup game, as the company now offers all of their millions of ISP customers up to 2GB of free storage. It’s not the world’s most robust solution, apparently, but MSPs who cater to small businesses should take note. Here’s why.

Obviously, 2GB of free storage per Comcast account means nothing when you’re dealing with large enterprises that have dedicated T3 lines and terebytes of data to manage. But for the doctor’s office down the street, some service providers may well have an uphill battle convincing them they need anything more than Comcast’s rudimentary offering. Comcast lets customers upgrade to 50GB or 200GB of storage for $4.99 and $9.99 a month, respectively.

The differentiating factor here is going to be the fact that you, their (hopefully) trusted MSP, will be monitoring and administering the customer’s storage, rather than a faceless admin at Comcast.

Also, we hear from plenty of MSPs who have pushed beyond basic file storage pitches, and now evangelize business continuity services in order to escape from those price-per-gig commodity storage conversations.

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