Cloud IT RMM Vendor Panorama9 Launches MSP Partner Program

Cloud IT RMM Vendor Panorama9 Launches MSP Partner Program

Cloud-based IT management platform vendor Panorama9 has launched an MSP Partner Program that the company is billing as a simple way for MSPs to add value and revenue with access to flexible billing options, dedicated support, and a cloud-based IT management technology. The program is Panorama9's software-as-a-service IT management platform packaged for MSPs, basically. Here are the details.

But first a little background. Panorama9 was founded in 2010 and has received a $900,000 seed round  of funding. The company has offices in San Francisco and Copenhagen, Denmark. Panorama9's platform relies on the deployment of agents to IT devices under management, and its licensing is based on the number of agents deployed on a monthly basis. Agents communicate send their encrypted data up to Panorama9's system in the cloud, and MSPs see a single pane of glass that lets them monitor all their customers' IT operations.

Panorama9 says that MSP partners are able to gain the following benefits with their system:

  • Check the status of all clients with one overview
  • Fast-track client on-boarding
  • Create multiple users and tie consultants to clients
  • Produce scheduled reports for clients
  • Receive dedicated support and marketing help
  • Choose between immediate discounts (MSP bills client) or recurring commission (Panorama9 bills client)
The platform enables MSP partners to provide services including continuous monitoring, proactive troubleshooting, scheduled reporting, vulnerability assessment and asset management.

Because it's a cloud-based SaaS IT management platform (with no capital investment required), and it offers a free trial, Panorama seems like it would be easy to test out on a few clients, particularly for a channel company just testing the waters of offering managed services. Allan Thorvaldsen, CEO and co-founder of Panorama9 got his start in the IT industry as a co-founder of a managed services company in Denmark. That background gave Panorama9's founders an understanding of the challenges facing MSPs, including billing, the company said.

Panorama9 announced a new pager alert system in January and the addition of Linux and Mac IT management agents in October 2012.

Panorama9's free trial for MSPs is available here. Type "partner" in the promo code field.  For more information on partnership details and platform features, please email [email protected].

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