Cloud: Google Apps Resellers Get Reporting API

Cloud: Google Apps Resellers Get Reporting API

Google Apps resellers get a powerful new tool in their arsenal with the launch of a reporting API that gives more insight into how the cloud productivity suite is being used. The functionality isn’t new, but the ability for resellers to leverage it programmatically is intriguing. Here’s the scoop.

We gave the high-level overview of the Google Apps deployment data-scraping service when it launched last month here. But as per the official Google Enterprise Blog entry, here’s the data partners can retrieve with the Google Apps Reporting API:

  • Accounts – Contains a list of the customer’s end-user accounts on a particular day.
  • Activity – Identifies the number of customer end-user accounts as well as the number of active and idle accounts over several different time periods.
  • Disk Space – Shows the amount of disk space used by a customer’s mailboxes.
  • Email Clients – Identifies how the customer’s end-users access their accounts on a day-by-day basis.
  • Summary – Contains the customer’s total number of accounts, total mailbox storage usage and total mailbox quota.
Google says this is the vanguard of a new wave of Google Apps updates designed to make life easier for their partners. We’re still waiting on payroll, though. Keep watching for updates.

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