CharTec Academy: The Lightning Round

The CharTec Academy conference wound down as I wrote this, with most of the second day dedicated to vendor presentations and nuts-and-bolts sales and technical workshops. If one thing has really stuck with me, it's that while CharTec's entire executive team has been available to the over 120 partners in attendance, this is really CEO Alex Rogers' show.

Here are some final, rapid-fire insights from my conversation with Rogers.

  • While the CharTec BDR appliance can backup to the cloud, CharTec is working on a full cloud solution -- and Rogers says that it's going to tie in with the company's overall HaaS strategy. He wouldn't reveal specifics, but he did say it's going to be "pretty wicked."
  • On that same note, when I asked about Google Chromebooks attempting to bring HaaS to the masses, Rogers joked that it's nice that the search giant is copying his model. Otherwise, he says that Chromebooks aren't even a blip on his radar -- as with software, the key is the services that an MSP brings to the table with CharTec HaaS, not the pricing model itself.
  • Rogers says CharTec signs 30 partners a month to resell CharTec's HaaS offerings, with more and more coming into CharTec Academy to get trained.
  • Half of the 130 MSPs in attendance at this session of CharTec Academy signed on as BDR partners, taking advantage of their flexible appliance-as-a-service model,
  • No MSP based within 100 miles of Bakersfield, CA -- where Rogers' ARRC Technology managed service business resides -- is allowed to come to CharTec Academy. Rogers says that he gives away so much of the "secret sauce" at these training events that it'd be foolish to give his competition the edge when they're pursuing the same leads.
On a side note, I want to thank the many MSPmentor readers who went out of their way to say hello at CharTec Academy. It was nice to have such a warm welcome.

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