Cablevision and Carbonite Online Backup: SMB Moves Coming?

Cablevision and Carbonite Online Backup: SMB Moves Coming?

Cablevision, a major broadband provider headquartered in New York, has launched television ads promoting an online backup service -- powered by Carbonite. The move targets consumers rather than small business owners. But it's safe to expect Cablevision to make SMB online backup moves. Here's why.

Cablevision's TV ads promote Optimum Online Backup, Powered by Carbonite. The service offers consumers 2GB of free online storage -- or enough space to store about 400 songs or about 600 photos, according to Cablevision. But to qualify for the service you need to be a Cablevision Optimum Online broadband subscriber.

Meanwhile, Cablevision also promotes Optimum Lightpath, a business-centric effort that includes managed services, data, voice, video and Internet services. The Lightpath effort also includes business continuity and backup services.

Generally speaking, Cablevision frequently promotes Optimum Lightpath to larger businesses, colleges, universities and hospitals. But it's safe to expect Cablevision to increasingly target SMBs. I wonder if Carbonite -- or another third-party backup service -- will play a role.

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