Asigra Launches New Cloud Storage Version

Asigra, whose any-cloud-goes approach to storage and disaster recovery caught our attention earlier this year, today launches what they describe as the biggest update to their flagship Asigra Cloud Backup product ever. Version 10 brings a long list of new features, but of biggest note to MSPs is the new support for laptop data protection, the release of Asigra’s API, and the ability to bulk-purchase licenses for virtual servers and manage them yourself. Here’s the scoop.

Point by point: Asigra Cloud Backup introduces the DS-Mobile Client, which can be mass deployed, allowing for easy archiving of mission critical data to (and recovering that data from) the public cloud, the company says. Moreover, all data can be secured to meet any number of compliance guidelines, whether they be governmental or corporate.

The release of the Asigra API is designed to give MSPs control over the agentless DS-Client, the component of Asigra Cloud Backup which handles transmitting local data to the cloud. The idea, Asigra VP of Product Marketing Ashar Baig says, is to give MSPs an even broader reach within the market.

A services provider who’s already partnered with Asigra already has the learning curve beat, reducing the time and difficulty in rolling, say, a mobile application that integrates with their platform, meaning a lot of potential new solutions to be added to the portfolio.

The last major feature I really want to touch on is the new Asigra DS-License Server. Rather than call Asigra for a new license every time you provision a new virtual server, just buy 50 at once and allocate them yourself - a USB dongle turns any machine into a license server.

And speaking of virtual machines, Asigra Cloud Platform v10 includes support for the Hyper-V, VMware, and XenServer hypervisors, using their latest APIs, improving VM performance drastically.

I don’t want to understate the other features of the new release: Baig’s overview of Asigra Cloud Platform v10 was dizzying just in terms of the scope of the update. Other features like new backup sets, BLM replication and local-only backup are certainly noteworthy, and if you’re interested in the technical details, I suggest taking a look at Asigra’s website.

In conversation with Asigra, I was really struck with their focus on security and compliance in this release. They only do business through the IT channel since their foundation in 1986 -- and if MSPs want to really monetize cloud storage solutions, a focus on security will do them well.

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