Are You Google's Next Billboard?

Google loves to highlight enterprises big and small that have made the leap to the Google Apps suite. But now the search giant is looking for up to five companies from each of the major geographic regions to star in a new billboard campaign. Maybe they should try Googling for them.

The blog entry announcing the contest has some impressive Google Apps statistics: they’ve gone from 2 to 3 million business customers, with 30 million Google Apps users total. So it’s no wonder that the search giant has chosen now to spread the word.

The idea behind the marketing campaign is simple - submit the story of how your business went to the Google Apps suite and create a “sample ad” using Google’s own template. Winners will find their company name plastered in outdoor ads in “11 major cities in 9 countries around the globe.”

With that reported three million business users, Google will probably have a lot to choose from. It definitely seems that where Microsoft BPOS likes to highlight huge customer wins, Google is really trying to highlight the SMB base that’s propelled them into competition with Redmond in the first place.

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