Amazon S3 Gains Better Support For Less Redundancy

Back in May, I mentioned Amazon Web Services’ (AWS) decision to offer an option for less redundancy on their Amazon S3 storage cloud. I found the move perplexing. Well, Amazon S3 now gets enhanced Reduced Redundancy Storage (RRS) support, but it leaves me even more confused who it’s for. Here’s the scoop.

Customers using the AWS Management Console, according to the company’s blog entry, can now select RRS as an option when putting new files in the cloud - or take a bunch of existing ones and downgrade them to the lower storage tier.

The other part of the Amazon S3 RRS update is the ability to configure your storage bucket to send you a message by way of the Amazon Simple Notification Service whenever object loss occurs.

When RRS was first announced, I postulated that it was an attempt to make Amazon S3 more attractive for consumer use - but these new features sound pretty enterprise-focused. Maybe Amazon Web Services will enhance their higher-redundancy option for the Amazon RDS database product to match.

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