6fusion: We're In the IaaS Cloud Game for MSPs

Yesterday, MSPmentor openly speculated if Artisan Infrastructure was the only pure play company promoting Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) to managed services providers. Soon after, 6fusion raised its hand and asked the logical question: "What about us?"

On the one hand, Artisan is driving profitable growth connecting the dots between ISVs and MSPs, engaging those partners on the Artisan IaaS platform. But MSPmentor raised the question -- was Artisan the "only" pure channel player in the IaaS market?

Enter 6fusion, which received venture capital in August 2010 and also hired N-able veteran Rob Bissett as VP of marketing around the same time. 6fusion scored a second round of venture capital in August 2011.

Although Artisan and 6fusion are both in the IaaS market, I think their strategies are different. 6fusion develops a metering algorithm, called the Workload Allocation Cube (WAC). 6fusion says the algorithm:

"standardizes the measurement of resource consumption in the cloud. Its UC6 Cloud Management Platform federates private data center and third party cloud operators, providing a single console to allow IT organizations of all types to meter, manage and optimize hybrid cloud infrastructures."
6fusion's solutions are designed for IT service providers, enterprises and independent software vendors, and infrastructure owners/operators, the company says. In contrast, Artisan's platform is purely for service providers that want to leverage IaaS, that company claims.

ChannelCloud: Another Name to Know

Meanwhile, ChannelCloud promotes an "integrated cloud platform" for IT service providers -- typically MSPs and VARs. The company has tried to avoid technology jargon, downplaying the IaaS, PaaS and SaaS debates and instead focusing the conversation on a total cloud solution for VARs and MSPs. In contrast, I think Artisan wants to focus entirely on only one piece of the cloud puzzle -- IaaS.

MSPmentor will keep you posted as additional channel-centric IaaS players emerge.
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