3 Must-Reads on Launching a Successful PPC Campaign

3 Must-Reads on Launching a Successful PPC Campaign

If you're just starting out in PPC advertising, here are three articles you need to read now to master PPC. 

Pay-per-click (PPC) ads will become the largest channel for ad revenue globally by 2019, but how effectively are you using this type of advertising now? Penton Xpert Dean Ara, principal and co-founder at Total Product Marketing, has written three must-read articles on PPC recently to ensure you make the most out of your advertising dollars in 2017.

1. How to Set Up a Killer PPC Campaign

This post breaks down how to setup a PPC campaign for beginners. Learn everything you need to know about keywords, tools and setting a budget. Read more.

2. The Best PPC Platforms for MSPs

Discover the best PPC platforms MSPs should use to increase conversions and learn why they are so effective. Read more.

3. A How-To Facebook PPC Guide for MSPs

This Facebook PPC guide for beginners will show you how to set up your Facebook ads using the 3x3x3 strategy — the best way to test your Facebook audiences, images and copy. Read more.

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