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In The Know: Top 5 Must-Read Cloud Stories, June 11

Here's Talkin' Cloud list of must-read cloud computing stories for June 11. Today's column features IBM, My Digital Shield and Treasure Data.

Talkin' Cloud at the end of each day pulls out five must-read cloud computing stories from the news cycle for its readers to review in the morning. Today's column features IBM, My Digital Shield (MDS) and Treasure Data.

Some of these stories have been gathered from Talkin' Cloud's article database, while others have been collected from elsewhere. If we missed something, feel free to leave a comment below. We might just add it into the mix.

Here's today's list of must-read cloud computing stories.

IBM Creates Digital Cloud Experience. Looking to help build applications on top of a Web content management framework in the cloud, IBM announced this week it has partnered with Portico Consultancy to create IBM Digital Experience on Cloud. Tony Higham, director of Digital Experience on Cloud and IBM Distinguished Engineer, said making use of the IBM SoftLayer cloud to build and deploy Web applications should enable solution providers to cost effectively address opportunities that span everything from as few as ten to theoretically millions of users.

Unifying Oracle Database Management Across Clouds. With the release today of Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c Release 5, Oracle is making it possible for IT organizations to use the same framework to manage Oracle databases on premise and running in a cloud platform managed by Oracle. Here are the details.

7 Biggest Cloud Funding Stories Of 2015 So Far. Which companies have topped this year's cloud funding headlines this year? Here's a closer look at seven of the biggest cloud funding and financing stories of 2015 so far.

Healthcare Security: Medical Devices Emerging Target for Hackers. With medical devices becoming more connected, hackers can infect critical medical devices with malware, according to a report, "Anatomy of an Attack-Medical Device Hijack (MEDJACK)" by TrapX Security, which provides deception-based cybersecurity defense software and services. The report outlines three case studies in which hackers gained remote control of medical equipment and established back doors, giving them open access to critical data within a healthcare system.

Symantec’s DLP Solution: Three Cloud Considerations. There’s no denying cloud computing is growing in importance for enterprises. It increases collaboration and flexibility while simplifying work streams and cutting costs. But the cloud can increase the risk of data loss or theft if not properly managed. Employees may upload sensitive information to unvetted, third-party cloud vendors or respond to critical work emails from unprotected personal devices, leaving enterprise information in danger of a breach. Here's how Symantec plans to help.

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