Mirantis Launches OpenStack Cloud Training Certification

Mirantis Launches OpenStack Cloud Training Certification

Mirantis is launching a "vendor-agnostic" certification program for the OpenStack open source cloud computing platform.

The demand for IT professionals skilled in the open source OpenStack cloud remains strong, and the channel is responding with new training initiatives. Mirantis recently launched the latest venture in the form of an OpenStack certification program that currently constitutes the only vendor-agnostic offering of its kind.

Mirantis's pitch revolves around being a "pure-play" OpenStack vendor, meaning it does not prioritize any particular OpenStack software stack or integrated platform. Its new certification program fits in that vein by offering those who complete it confirmation that they can "deploy and operate an OpenStack environment that spans various host operating systems (RHEL, Ubuntu and CentOS), virtualization technologies (KVM, vSphere), storage back-ends (Ceph, NetApp, EMC) and network topologies," according to the company.

Mirantis is also emphasizing the hands-on nature of its training, which is oriented around direct practice setting up and adminstering OpenStack, it says.

The certification comes in two levels, Mirantis Certified Technician for OpenStack and Mirantis Certified Systems Administrator for OpenStack, with the first serving as a prerequisite for the second. Certification tests are available in over 100 countries through online-education vendor Kryterion.

Rackspace (RAX) already has been quite active on the OpenStack training front. It opened its first programs about a year ago, and has expanded them since. Currently, however, Rackspace's Open Cloud Academy offers a short-term OpenStack certification option, an opportunity that Mirantis hopes to capitalize on.

A Mirantis representative also pointed out that the only other vendor offering OpenStack certification is Red Hat (RHT), and in that case the credential focuses on deploying OpenStack within a Red Hat environment. Mirantis's vendor-agnostic approach therefore helps to further set the company apart, he said.

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