Catbird 6.0 Provides OpenStack Cloud Security Policy Automation

Catbird 6.0 Provides OpenStack Cloud Security Policy Automation

Catbird 6.0 enhances the security of OpenStack private and hybrid clouds through automated security policies, providing compliance assurance for enterprises.

Enterprise adoption of OpenStack is taking off, and value-added security solutions for the open source cloud computing operating system are close behind. This week, Catbird announced support for OpenStack in version 6.0 of its cloud security platform, which it describes as the channel's first "security policy automation for private and hybrid cloud environments."

The chief advantage of policy-based security for OpenStack and other cloud environments, according to Catbird, is its ability to work in real time. That means administrators can implement security policies across the lifecycle of virtual machines within the cloud.

Catbird hopes that type of security will attract enterprises that run OpenStack clouds and require compliance with major standards, such as such as PCI DSS and HIPAA, COBIT and FISMA Rev4.

The company is also emphasizing its cross-platform, vendor-neutral approach to cloud security ahead of the Catbird 6.0 OpenStack support. While the platform currently supports only VMware ESX, Catbird promises that "support for Microsoft Hyper-V and leading SDN frameworks including VMware NSX and OpenStack advanced networks services through Neutron, on- and off-premise," are forthcoming.

"With private and hybrid cloud adoption projected for rapid growth, the increased complexity of cloud environments and the ensuing security concerns present huge challenges to enterprise IT skills and capabilities," Catbird CEO Edmundo Costa said. "At the same time, carriers and service providers require secure and compliant private and hybrid cloud infrastructure. Automated security policies that can be verified and enforced are quickly becoming a necessity across the board. With Catbird 6.0 for OpenStack, we are continuing to deliver on the promise of a platform-agnostic security policy and control delivery solution."

Catbird has not yet indicated an exact date for the availability of OpenStack support for Catbird 6.0, but is targeting Q4 2014, according to a representative of the company.

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