AMD Revamps Partner Program for Transparency, New Benefits

AMD Revamps Partner Program for Transparency, New Benefits

AMD announced several new revisions to its North American Channel Partner program, including increased transparency into the benefits available to partners and also offered up details on the new Hero Builder distinction for dedicated partners.

AMD (AMD), known for its graphics chips and desktop processors, is introducing a revamped partner program this week for its North American channel partners. Besides giving partners increased visibility into the benefits and requirements for each of its four partner levels, the revamp is also notable for introducing the new distinction of Hero Builder for the most dedicated and innovative partners.

The revised program is based off AMD’s existing partner program, but has been designed to help partners understand the myriad benefits available on each level in addition to the ways in which they can maximize their benefits, according to the company. Amy McFarland, worldwide head of the AMD Partner Program, noted the new program will give both new and existing customers the tools to grow as AMD resellers.

“Some of the findings that we saw is that transparency is a must,” said McFarland in an interview with The VAR Guy. “Criteria needs to be transparent, benefits need to be transparent; partners need to know the program inside out. They need to know what to expect and when to expect it.”

AMD’s partner program ranks resellers based on two main criteria: tier and track. Tier determines the level of benefits available to a particular partner, while track is indicative of what types of benefits partners are eligible to receive. While all partners are broken into four main tiers (Elite, Premier, Provisional Premier and Select) all partners are eligible for the new distinction of Hero Builder, which gives them access to exclusive benefits such as AMD samples in advance of other resellers in addition to corresponding technical support.

“It's really a more modern and inclusive way to look at the program,” said Gerald Youngblood, AMD’s director of North American Marketing. “Before I think it was a little more specific to the financials in terms of how we engaged with our partners. Now it's really more about holistically how we can help each other.”

The program will also feature a new partner portal designed to give resellers visibility into how they can advance through AMD’s program to ultimately gain more benefits. McFarland said the program has been designed to increase profitability for all parties and help AMD partners to access additional educational information, access sales tools, and utilize product training.

“They will be able to find everything about the program including criteria, how they get to the next tier in the program, and all of their benefits that they get in each tier … All can be found on the portal program,” said McFarland. “This is how we will be transparent with our partners.”

With its new program, AMD hopes to be able to introduce its portfolio of products to a wider audience while utilizing the company’s tech to create innovation throughout the channel.

“We want to encourage partners to grow with AMD and as they grow with AMD and rise in their tier they get a higher level of benefits,” said McFarland. “We believe we’ve created a partner program that is going to have a big impact on their business and it will jointly drive success for both AMD and our channel partners.”

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