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Eagle Eye Debuts Partner Program for Cloud-Based Video Surveillance

Eagle Eye Networks unveiled its partner program for video management systems, which will allow channel partners to sell the company's line of on-demand cloud-based security systems.

The days of storing your video surveillance footage on a hard drive or disc may soon be coming to an end—especially if the folks at Eagle Eye Networks have anything to say about it.

Eagle Eye has taken the wraps off a new channel partner program, which will allow its VARs to sell the company’s line of home and business surveillance software to customers throughout North America. Eagle Eye Networks is one of the first surveillance companies to offer its VARs access to an on-demand cloud-based security and operations video management system (VMS) surveillance software, according to company CEO Dean Drako.

“Video surveillance, which has traditionally been kind of a traditional security business, is becoming much more of an IT business,” said Drako in an interview with The VAR Guy. “We’re saying, ‘Hey, let’s do to this business what Dropbox did to the file service business.'”

Eagle Eye Networks’ resellers and end users simply install a device called a Bridge in each location they wish to be monitored and connect their cameras to the cloud via a monthly subscription service. Users connect ONVIF or analog cameras to the Eagle Eye Bridge, which then stores and uploads footage to the cloud. All of the data can be accessed remotely and managed from central website.

Drako is the former founder and CEO of Barracuda Networks (CUDA), a company specializing in IT security, network an application delivery and data storage, including the company’s popular spam filter appliance. Drako and his team began working on the on-demand cloud based security system in July 2012 and have been testing the partner program with a small group of about a half-dozen VARs for the past several months.

Eagle Eye Networks is marketing its on-demand cloud VMS as a cheaper and more efficient alternative to the traditional server-based security systems, which often require copious amounts of wiring and result in decentralized content management for IT officials. Eagle Eye’s system allows its customers to install as many cameras as they like throughout multiple locations and have all of the footage controlled via a central location in the cloud. Customers can also choose how long they would like to store their footage as well as the resolution of that footage, all of which will allow for scalable pricing based on each customer’s needs.

According to Eagle Eye Network’s studies, as surveillance transfers over to an IT responsibility, more and more users are beginning to switch over from traditional hardwired servers to cloud-based servers. With that in mind, Drako hopes the newly launched partner program will help VARs profit while giving the end user easier and cheaper access to surveillance.

“Most importantly what the partners really love is the recurring revenue model. Now the partner can now have a longer-term relationship with the customer rather than a one-time deal,” Drako said. “And that is crucial for them in building a long-term business. We give them some tools that help them to be able to do that a lot better than they have in the past.”

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