Iland Business Development SVP Dante Orsini says the new portal brings an quotunmatched transparency to public private and hybrid cloudsquot

Iland Business Development SVP Dante Orsini says the new portal brings an "unmatched transparency to public, private and hybrid clouds"

Iland Portal Provides Transparency for Cloud Cost, Capacity, Performance

What does it really cost to operate that cloud? Iland's new data warehouse and portal are designed to provide cloud service providers with real answers.

Iland, a cloud services provider (CSP) that ranks among the world's Top 100 Cloud Services Providers, has launched a new portal that gives channel partners more transparency when analyzing cloud costs, performance and capacity.

The portal is a first for iland, and provides data about public, private and hybrid clouds. Iland built a data warehouse that captures billions of data points in real time, iland Business Development SVP Dante Orsini told Talkin' Cloud via email.

"By storing detailed performance data, event logs, and billing data, users are able to quickly drill down from a global view to individual virtual data centers, applications and virtual machines so they can correlate events, performance and costs," he said.

The new portal was designed with both business users and administrators in mind. Through the portal, business users can access predictive cost, capacity and reporting metrics, while administrators "are able to intuitively access the data at the granular levels they need," Orsini said.

Other areas of visibility for portal users include resource consumption, billing, performance, and the impact of change and predictive analytics.

"Many clouds simply do not provide this data, so customers either lack visibility or must look to purchase a third-party solution, which adds cost and complexity," he said.

What's next on the company's roadmap after the transparency announcement?  Partners can expect to see more iland data centers in the near future, Orsini said. To date, the company has seven data centers globally.

"Each can be accessed by the portal, which communicates information about the entire customer’s cloud footprint, covering both public cloud resources and any private cloud they may have as well.

Separately, iland CEO Scott Sparvero participated in Talkin' Cloud's Friday's Last Word in September 2013.

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