Channel Partner Program Roundup: SanDisk, Eagle Eye Networks, Skybox Security

Channel Partner Program Roundup: SanDisk, Eagle Eye Networks, Skybox Security

This week's Channel Partner Program Roundup features the latest news from SanDisk, Eagle Eye Networks and Skybox Security.

Happy Thursday, and thanks for joining us at Channel Partner Program Roundup. Without further ado, let’s jump right into some fresh updates from SanDisk (SNDK), Eagle Eye Networks and Skybox Security.

SanDisk: Company founder and retired chairman and CEO Eli Harari has been awarded with the National Medal of Technology and Innovation. The award is the United States’ highest honor recognizing achievement and leadership in advancing the fields of science and technology, according to the company.

Since SanDisk's founding more than 26 years ago, flash memory has become an industry standard for storing everything from digital photos to enterprise data. Flash has also recently become an alternative, albeit costly, memory source for devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops without having to utilize spinning disk technology.

“We’re now connected in ways that would not be possible without the technologies that Eli helped pioneer and we’re well positioned to take on new market segments such as enterprise data centers,” said Sanjay Mehrotra, co-founder, president and chief executive officer of SanDisk, in a statement. “Eli has had a profound impact on the entire technology landscape, and in doing so, has truly changed the world as we experience it today. His lifelong intellectual and technical achievements are well-deserving of the National Medal of Technology and Innovation.”

Eagle Eye Networks: Goldman Sachs (GS) recently recognized Eagle Eye Networks founder and CEO Dean Drako as one of the 100 Most Intriguing Entrepreneurs of 2014 during its Builders + Innovators Summit in California.

“Being named to Goldman Sach’s list is great recognition for an entrepreneur,” said Drako. “I would like to thank our channel partners for their role in helping Eagle Eye Networks’ cloud-based security camera system gain quick traction.”

Drako founded the cloud-based video surveillance company in 2012 to provide both cloud and on-premise recording capabilities and to make surveillance video more accessible to customers, according to the company. Drake was previously the founder and CEO of Barracuda Networks, and won the Ernst and Yong Northern California Entrepreneur of the Year award for Networking and Communications in 2007.

Skybox Security: Risk analytics provider Skybox Security announced its new Skybox Plus campaign, which is expected to make it easier for reseller partners to offer integrated security management solutions to end users. The program will enable partners to combine Skybox solutions with more than 80 different security and network devices offered through various security providers including Cisco Systems (CSCO) Palo Alto Networks (PANW) and McAfee (MFE).

“Skybox Plus is a value-add program for our partners, enabling them to provide best-in-class solutions and services for vulnerability and threat management, and security policy management,” said Michelle Johnson Cobb, vice president of Worldwide Marketing at Skybox Security. “Skybox solves the challenges of managing dozens of security tools, correlating data sources for accurate assessments, automating remediation tasks for faster resolution, and tracking and reporting key risk metrics.”

The Skybox Plus Partner Program also includes online and in-class training, as well as various certifications, training and sales incentives, according to the company. Skybox currently has more than 100 active channel partners in more than 40 countries.

And with that last tidbit of channel news, we bid you a fond farewell and hope you have a great weekend. Remember to stop by tomorrow for a look at Distribution Watch, and stay safe out there.

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