5 Product Releases That Made the DattoCon Audience Cheer

Partner at Datto's annual conference are always an enthusiastic bunch. Here are the top five moments that made them break out and cheer during CEO Austin McChord's opening keynote.

We go to a lot of conferences here at Channel Futures. We sit through a lot of keynotes, talk to a lot of partners and eat a lot of buffet lunches. Some vendors rely on wild parties and big celebrity keynote speakers to generate enthusiasm among partners. Datto takes a different approach.

Okay, we’ll admit, the parties weren’t exactly tame at this year’s DattoCon, where MSPs gorged on BBQ and boogied to live music in Austin, Texas this week. And CEO Austin McChord’s fireside chat with Sir Richard Branson was one of the most entertaining and inspiring conference experiences in this reporter’s recent memory. But the real energy at DattoCon comes from the knack the company has for connecting with its partners.

Executives work every crowd, shake as many hands as possible and listen to whatever partners have to say as much as they can. Instead of reserving all the keynote stage time for the c-suite, actual Datto engineers walk attendees through the nitty-gritty details of all the product and service releases. A Datto partner even took to the stage to interview Robert Herjavec of “Shark Tank” fame during one keynote.

So it’s no wonder energy levels were soaring and partners were quick to cheer during McChord’s keynote. Click through to see the top five moments that got hoots, hollers, hurrahs and ha-has from the partners in attendance.

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