DataXoom CEO John Tantum

DataXoom CEO John Tantum

DataXoom, AT&T Team for Enterprise BYOD Program

DataXoom has partnered with AT&T to bring its enterprise business customers access to the company's mobile services with their BYOD tablets.

DataXoom is partnering with AT&T to launch a new enterprise bring your own device (BYOD) program designed to allow businesses to activate their mobile devices with DataXoom’s mobile data services. As the newest member of the AT&T Partner Exchange program, DataXoom customers will be able to access AT&T’s wireless network by using a subscriber identity module (SIM) card in their enterprise tablets.

Businesses can utilize the new BYOD program by providing SIM cards to their employees, who can immediately begin accessing cellular services by inserting the card into their devices. The process is nearly identical to replacing an AT&T cell phone by swapping the SIM card. DataXoom is supporting the tablets’ cellular service activations through flexible data-only plans.

"We are thrilled to offer this program. Our enterprise customers have many tablets that are not currently active on any cellular network, and they are looking for an enterprise BYOD option like ours that is easy to implement and cost-effective," said John Tantum, DataXoom's CEO, in a prepared statement.

DataXoom is currently offering several no-contract mobile data services to its midsize to large enterprise customers, including 2GB, 5GB and 10GB data plans in which data is pooled across the entire account. The company also is providing free SIM cards to qualifying customers to sway additional users.

Users will not have to sign a contract or deal with termination fees as part of the new mobile data service. DataXoom said its proprietary management platform will also allow company administrators to manage users through a single pane of glass across multiple wireless networks for added convenience. In addition to its mobile services, DataXoom will provide new or refurbished AT&T devices as well as tablet and services bundles that include the cost of the lease with the monthly data services.

"DataXoom's enterprise BYOD service is enabled through our participation in the AT&T Partner Exchange program, as our systems can now seamlessly and immediately activate and support iPads, tablets and other mobile data devices certified on AT&T's network," said Chris Hill, DataXoom COO. "Our flexible, no-contract service provides the big benefits of the DataXoom platform—data usage controls and user-level visibility that enterprises require."

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