VMware: Mobile Growth Just Beginning

VMware: Mobile Growth Just Beginning

VMware's 2015 State of Business Mobility Report found that less than a quarter of global businesses have successfully executed business mobility initiatives.

It might seem as if we already live in a mobile-centric world, but VMware (VMW) thinks we’re only getting started.

The virtualization giant released the results of its 2015 State of Business Mobility Report this week, which concluded that companies are just beginning the widespread transition from a client-server centric business model to the mobile-cloud era.

The report, which was conducted in May and June based off of answers from nearly 1,200 respondents globally, found that although businesses continue to exist in varying states of mobile maturity, efforts to make mobile a more essential part of the average business is increasing.

Currently, only 20 percent of respondents said their companies have executed business mobility initiatives, which have led to the transformation of at least one core business process to a mobile model. However, 63 percent said they have completed or are currently re-engineering a core business process to a mobile model within the next 12 months, according to the study.

While companies working on revamping their businesses are on the path to innovation, these projects require a large investment to see through to completion. VMware found that 77 percent of respondents working on re-engineering are currently upgrading their infrastructure, while 70 percent are introducing new mobile customer-facing apps. Finally, 69 percent are rebuilding or re-engineering mission critical applications for mobile employees, according to the study.

The shift to a mobile-first mentality is also benefiting other areas of the IT industry, especially since security and disaster recovery continue to be two of the largest concerns among business owners, according to VMware. Companies are also concerned with finding new ways to boost workforce effectiveness and to create a user experience that is reflective of consumer technology solutions. In short, mobility has the ability to benefit everyone, not just companies looking to modernize their business processes.

Despite the increased level of effort to go mobile, there is a start contrast between businesses who have modernized their business processes and those who still rely on client-server processes, according to VMware. The average return on investment for businesses utilizing mobility software was measured at 150 percent, signaling that these major purchases also yield major returns for those willing to invest in new technology.  This includes the rapid development of new revenue streams (51 percent for mobile-centric businesses vs. 16 percent for client-server businesses) and a decreased cost of lost business opportunity (-44 percent for mobile businesses compared to -22 percent for legacy companies).

There isn’t a single correct time to begin upgrading your business processes to meet the demands of the mobile era, but VMware’s survey makes it clear that there are many benefits to becoming a member of the mobile business force. If nothing else, its important to at least have a discussion about how you plan to evolve your business within the next several years so you and your colleagues can work out an effective transformation strategy.

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