Zyrion Adds Analytics Module to Network Monitoring Platform

Zyrion Inc., the cloud and IT monitoring software company, has developed the new Zyrion Predictive Analytics Module designed to help IT service providers identify and isolate network performance problems within cloud infrastructures.

The new module works by finding the behavioral patterns of IT services based on historical analytics and then isolating the components of the IT service that do not match the network's normal pattern. And Zyrion claims the analytics module can be applied to all of the components within an IT service or business service.

According to Zyrion CEO Vikas Aggarwal, the software provider developed this newest IT module to help IT organizations become more proactive when it comes to dealing with IT problems in cloud and virtual environments. More specifically, the module is designed to help IT administrators find network issues that Zyrion says were previously undetectable using older monitoring software solutions. In the end, Zyrion hopes its new module will reduce the number of false alarms IT organizations currently deal with, as well as help those same IT departments find network performance issues when they first arise so that they can minimize the impact those performance issues have on end-users.

So Zyrion will now add its new Predictive Analytics Module to its Traverse networking monitoring platform. The addition to the company's monitoring offering comes a little less than a month after Zyrion reeled-in what so far is its biggest customer of 2012 -- DSS Inc., a U.S.-based VAR and managed services provider.



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