Zenith Infotech Launches CPR Partner Program

Zenith Infotech has introduced a Certified Partner Reseller (CPR) program to help managed services providers and VARs recruit new business customers. Here's a quick overview of the effort -- which also provides some clues about Zenith Infotech's private cloud strategy.

The CPR initiative includes free BDR (backup and disaster recovery) incentives plus some cash back offers and reimbursement on marketing funds. Raymond Vrabel, director of account management at Zenith Infotech, provides some additional details here:

The video covers:

0:00: Introduction
0:10: What is Zenith Infotech CPR?
0:30: Tiers and levels -- free products, cash back and market development funds
1:10: What exactly is free?
1:20: Zenith Infotech's target markets
2:30: More information
2:52: Conclusion

Cloud Watch

Listen closely and you'll hear Vrabel mention SmartStyle, Zenith Infotech's long-awaited cloud solution for virtual servers, desktops and storage.

Many MSP-oriented software companies already offer SaaS versions of their RMM (remote monitoring and management) and PSA (professional services automation) applications.

But SaaS is only a subset of the overall cloud opportunity awaiting VARs and MSPs. Some MSP software providers -- from ConnectWise to Zenith Infotech -- intend to help VARs and MSPs migrate customer assets into clouds. We'll keep watching the efforts for new trends...
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