Zendesk Debuts 4th European Partner Program for Customer Referrals

Zendesk has launched a European partner program to help help accelerate demand for the company's customer service and help desk solutions.

Currently, Zendesk offers the following three types of European partner programs:

  1. Zendesk Solution Partners who help businesses implement Zendesk software.
  2. Zendesk Integration Partners who integrate Zendesk's customer service software into their own managed services offerings.
  3. Zendesk Incubator Partners who offer Zendesk Plus+ for free for one year to qualifying European start-up companies.
This newest Zendesk partner program -- called Zendesk Ambassadors -- gives a referral cash bonus to customers who bring additional business to Zendesk. They will also gain access to private Zendesk discussion forums and meet-ups with the Zendesk team. Zendesk Ambassador Program partners also have the chance to become Zendesk Authorized Partners and have access to even more benefits through the invite-only Authorized Partner program.

But Zendesk Ambassadors have to do more than bring repeated business through referrals to become Zendesk Authorized Partners. They have to provide Zendesk software end-users with professional services and training in order to help them use their customer service software in the most efficient way possible. Authorized partners will continue to receive cash bonuses for customer referrals just like regular Zendesk ambassadors. The difference is, Authorized partners will also get leads from Zendesk customers who are searching for professional services. So in the end, both Zendesk and the Authorized partner will gain new customers.

The software provider's 4th European partner program comes six months after the company launched a new version of its customer service software -- Zendesk Enterprise Plan -- for enterprise businesses. This newest partner program based on customer referral is likely aimed at driving more enterprise business customers throughout Europe.
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