X.O. Ware Debuts Network Security Encryption Suite for SMBs

X.O. Ware, a business network security software provider, has developed a new business security suite specifically designed for small business networks. It's a full ExoNetwork suite that prevents unauthorized users from accessing local networks. Plus, authorized users can leverage the software to safely access approved networks.

The ExoNetwork creates a kind of personal cloud environment for each authorized business user. Each user has full secure access from any unencrypted wireless network via the Virtual Private ExoNetwork (VPEx) that comes pre-integrated into the ExoNetwork. Here's a list of other capabilities ExoNetwork users will have, courtesy, of X.O. Ware.

    • A 256-bit encryption processor for faster encryption
    • An easy-to-configure virtual private network (VPN)
    • Pre-integrated network storage solution
    •  High performance dual WAN interfaces
According to the company, one of the ExoNetwork's main features is the pre-integrated storage solution. Plus, X.O. Ware has also developed a compliment solution t the ExoNetwork called the ExoKey -- a USB drive that lets users remotely encrypt everything that is connect to the ExoNetwork. According to the network security provider, SMBs can use the ExoKey to perform real-time encryption from anywhere they have Internet access, at any time.






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