Xerox Debuts Free Mobile Print, Wireless MFP

Xerox Debuts Free Mobile Print, Wireless MFP

Xerox Company LogoThe managed print services market continues to see small signs of progress. One example: Xerox has unveiled a free mobile print and wireless MFP solution for its reseller partners. The announcement reinforces managed print moves that the company unveiled at Xerox Partner Summit back in April 2011. Here's the update.

Xerox's free mobile print solution is called PrintBack; it can print any document, from any mobile device, to the nearest printer, regardless of that printer's connection type, print technology or manufacturer, Xerox claims. PrintBack also supports Microsoft Office documents and PDFs, and Xerox claims it produces high quality jobs by using the print driver on your computer and holding the default settings of that driver. Users can access PrintBack from any Mac or PC-connected printer through any Google Android or Apple iOS mobile device.

Then there's the wireless WorkCentre  6015 Color MFP solution -- a Wi-Fi enabled device. The Xerox MFP solution combines print, copy, scan and fax capabilities, and works with the PrintBack solution to offer SMBs a more efficient way to manage documents, according to Xerox. The WorkCentre 6015 MFP solution starts at $499. The Xerox PrintBack solution is available via free download on, the Android Market and the Apple App Store.

Admittedly, PrintBack and the WorkCentre 6015 don't require managed print services. But both solutions are well-suited for MSPs that promote managed print services, Xerox asserts.

There's no shortage of competition in the managed print services sector between Xerox, Nuance Communications, Toshiba, Lexmark, OKI Data and others. And as the managed print solution providers continue to develop, companies are continuing to buy. That according to CompTIA, which recently detailed the rise of managed print services in the SMB and enterprise sector.


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