Xceedium Announces $12M Series B, Xsuite Cloud for AWS

Privileged identity and access management specialist Xceedium announced both a $12 million Series B financing round and the launch of Xsuite Cloud, an offering designed for customers already utilizing Amazon Web Services (NASDAQ: AMZN) (AWS).

Xceedium closed a $12 million Series B financing extension led by Arrow Path Venture Partners with participation from new investor Western Technology Investment. With the new capital, Xceedium intends to foster continued growth and focus on its new cloud-based efforts, including the newly launched Xsuite Cloud.

The company’s main offering, Xsuite, enables enterprise customers to enact a “Zero Trust” access control model, ensuring that privileged users are able to access “only the systems and commands for which they are explicitly authorized.” Xsuite combines privileged access control, privileged password management and application password management software on a single platform. Along with security, Xsuite also addresses regulatory compliance needs.

The Xsuite Cloud is a privileged identity and access management platform designed for current customers that are also using Amazon Web Services (AWS). In addition, Xceedium is working with AWS to make Xsuite Cloud and Zero Trust security broadly available to AWS customers. Xsuite Cloud will become available during Q2 of 2012 with pricing announced at that time.

As with its main Xsuite offering, Xsuite Cloud customers can enforce “Privileged User Access” policies as well as create “Separation of Duties” for administrative access to AWS and AWS GovCloud. Customers have a single method for controlling and monitoring privileged access to the AWS Management Console and infrastructure deployed across the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), as well as company private clouds or on-premise systems.

“Cloud computing is fundamentally changing how organizations deploy systems. But security risks and regulatory compliance issues remain top concerns for organizations seeking to adopt the cloud for mission critical systems,” noted Glenn Hazard, Xceedium CEO, in a prepared statement. “Xsuite Cloud further enables organizations to choose cloud-only or hybrid architectures and provides privileged user access and identities from a single platform.”

Our readers can click here for an overview on the Xceedium partner program.

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