Will Elections Become a Managed Services Opportunity?

Will Elections Become a Managed Services Opportunity?

Election Day is here and whether you are still recovering from Hurricane Sandy on the east coast or evaluating any number of Propositions on the west coast, we all know how important it is to vote. Whoever you vote for, go vote. And for those in New Jersey, the state may have just made it easier if you have been displaced or disrupted by the recent storm damage, letting residents vote by email or fax. (You know, if you have a generator. And internet access.)

The New Jersey situation brings up more questions. How can emails be verified on a wide scale? In an age when legislators are pushing voter ID to prevent election fraud, will this complicate things further?  And looking further into the future, will voters eventually be able vote by computer from the comfort of their homes? How will election officials verify that these people are who they say they are? And what about people who don't have computers at home? All these questions and issues could pose a great opportunity for savvy managed service providers who are in a position to offer solutions for identity verification over the internet, email service level agreements and more. Or perhaps "Vote early and vote often" take on new meaning in this internet age.

As for me, whether it helped or not, I felt more empowered contacting my elected representatives to complain about my (lack of) power last week, even after all my neighbors had had their power on for days. And commuting to a relative's house a half hour away  (where there was power, heat and internet access) to my sons' elementary school near my cold dark house gave us the opportunity to talk together about the election, which candidate had more lawn signs, and what they thought of it all, with nary a mention of Skylanders Giants.

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