When Managed Services Fail...

When Managed Services Fail...

Apple Store Genius BarMonday at 9:15 a.m. eastern, I will find out whether this is going to be a good week or a bad week. My MacBook Pro died on Sunday. My brother in law -- a managed service provider who takes care of Apple servers -- tried a range of remote trouble-shooting tools but couldn't revive the system. Now, my best (and last) hope is break-fix support from the Apple Store's Genius Bar on Monday morning. But I'm not in panic mode.

The good news: I back up my MacBook Pro's important files on a weekly basis. And generally speaking, my most important applications -- including our blogging system -- live in a cloud rather than on my Mac's hard drive. Now the bad news: My email backup is a bit out of date. So, I may wind up apologizing to quite a few folks for lost or unreturned messages. You can bet I'll change my email backup policies going forward.

Ubuntu Saves My Weekend

Still all is not lost. I'm blogging away tonight using a System76 laptop running Ubuntu 8.10. It looks and feels like a Wintel laptop -- without the security, performance or reliability hassles associated with Windows. I highly recommend it. And a memo to the System76 team: I promise to return the laptop Monday night. I know it's overdue.

Meanwhile, I want my MacBook Pro back because I depend on Apple's iLife applications to edit podcasts and video. I'm hopeful Apple's Genius Bar will deliver another miracle and fix the system for me.

I'm continually impressed by Apple's simple online reservation system -- which identifies key days and times you can sit down with a Genius Bar representative. And my face-to-face support experience in Apple Stories across the United States has been spectacular.

Will my luck run out on Monday morning, when I step into my local Apple Store at 9:15 a.m.? Stay tuned.

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