What Is A Three-Day Weekend?

What Is A Three-Day Weekend?

I'm seated at the Westin Hotel at Lake Las Vegas. It's not a mirage. There really is a lake here in the middle of the desert. The Sophos Connections Partner Summit has just wrapped up. It was a great event with a simple, effective agenda. But now I'm looking ahead to something called a three-day weekend. It's right around the corner. And I intend to take full advantage of it.

Three-day weekends didn't exist when we (Amy Katz and I... not Amy Katz and me) started Nine Lives Media in January 2008. There was always something new or urgent to work on around here.

In many ways that's still the case. Late evenings and early mornings are still the norm. But you may have noticed we've got some talented folks -- Kim Daniels, Jessica Davis, Charlene O'Hanlon, James Pastuf, Amy Schuler, Traci Verbaarschott, and many more -- contributing here at Nine Lives these days. Our parent company, Penton Media, has also empowered us with their marketing wizard Tara Schlameuss. Hocus Pocus: Our databases are now managed.

Exit, Stage Left

Armed with a growing talent pool, we've reached a point where the holidays and most weekends are real again. I haven't achieved life-work balance... but the pursuit is finally real for a great many reasons. And I suspect Amy would say the same.

May 28, 2012, is Memorial Day here in the U.S.; a day of remembrance for those who have died in our nation's service. Businesses and schools will be closed. As will Nine Lives Media and Penton Media.

I plan to disappear as well. Perhaps I'll rally my wife and kids for a last-minute trip to Six Flags Great Adventure. Or Hershey Park. Or Dorney Park. (See the pattern?) Either way, I won't be here.

I really value your readership and the web traffic, but I hope you're not here either on May 28.

Three-day weekends are far too rare. Life is short. Disappear. Your business will still be there when you return on May 29. And I'll be here awaiting you... your comments... and your business updates.

And once we're all back, perhaps you can help me plan my next road trip. It's a biggie.
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