Whaleback Pushes Beyond VoIP; Expands Cloud Managed Services

Whaleback Systems, Inc. is rolling out a suite of cloud-based managed services to expand its market reach. Whaleback, already known for its managed VoIP services, has 600-plus customers and 12,000-plus endpoint users throughout the U.S. So what's coming next? Here are some clues.

Whaleback intends to offer fully-managed, end-to-end cloud-based managed services, according to a prepared statement from Karil Reibold. She indicated that Whaleback's customers have a 98 percent contract renewal rate and less than a 0.5 percent churn rate -- which shows that the company's managed services are quite sticky.

So where is Whaleback heading next? Instead of promoting the term VoIP, it's clear that Whaleback is subtly shifting its terminology to cloud-based managed business communications services. That's a mouthful... but it certainly hits on many of the popular IT trends and search terms. And the strategy seems to be working: Whaleback added more than 90 customers in the first half of 2011, and the company says it has generated 18 consecutive quarters of growth.

Whaleback says its communications services allow customers to:

  • Add offices and employees easily without limitations of location or scale;
  • Work where they want, when they want with mobility solutions; and
  • Focus on business planning, since Whaleback offers centralized proactive monitoring and management.
Whaleback's progress sounds impressive. But Whaleback is privately held so it's impossible for MSPmentor to pinpoint the company's exact financial performance and potential profitability.

Additional insights from Joe Panettieri.
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