Webcast: RMM Tips and LabTech 2012 Information

Webcast: RMM Tips and LabTech 2012 Information

If you missed today's webcast -- on RMM Software First Steps -- you can still view it on-demand starting Monday, April 23. Simply register at that time. The webcast focused on RMM (remote monitoring and management) software tips and guidance from two well-known managed services providers (Liberty Technology CEO Ben Johnson and White Glove VP Dave Bartelli). LabTech Software CEO Matt Nachtrab also discussed the new LabTech 2012 software release, which debuted April 16.

We covered broader trends in the managed services market, and how MSPs can further automate their businesses. We also answered questions about the LabTech 2012 release, particularly the Ignite capabilities for an improved out-of-box experience. Both Liberty Technology and White Glove were beta testers and have extensive experience with LabTech 2012 platform. The webcast was sponsored by LabTech.

Register now to starting April 23 to view the archived event.

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