Watching Dell 24x7

Watching Dell 24x7

Michael Dell 3The VAR Guy just awoke from an extended nap, which started sometime before Christmas. While he waits for his new Web site to launch -- at (update: it's live now) -- he decided to jump onto

If you haven't read The VAR Guy's outbursts before, here's all you need to know: He often swims against the tide. A case in point: While many folks bash Michael Dell's channel strategy and managed services acquisitions, The VAR Guy has been defending Mr. Dell and his empire. Here's why.

As Level Platforms CEO Peter Sandiford recently told MSPmentor during a podcast, Dell acquiring Silverback Technologies was "a watershed event" for the managed services industry. Sandiford wasn't directly endorsing Dell. Instead, he was noting that Dell will educate customers about managed services -- which should grow the overall MSP market.

The VAR Guy agrees. Dell needs MSPs badly right now. Dell is a big giant that painted itself into a corner. Shareholders are disappointed with the company's weak stock performance in recent years. CIOs and small business owners want better service and support. Fact is, Dell desperately needs the channel and MSP partners to help jump-start sales, improve margins and restore investor confidence.

Of course, The VAR Guy has a vested interest in Dell's success. His home computer is a Dell desktop powered by Ubuntu Linux. And if he isn't plunking down money for Apple technology, The VAR Guy is usually buying Dell hardware or blogging on his personal site,

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