VMworld: ManageEngine Prepares Virtualization Management

VMworld: ManageEngine Prepares Virtualization Management

ManageEngine LogoManageEngine, which develops network management and application server management software for MSPs, is preparing some surprises for VMworld (Aug. 29 - Sept. 1, 2011). The logical conclusion: ManageEngine is preparing to help MSPs to proactively manage virtualized environments. Raj Sabhlok, president of Zoho Corp. (ManageEngine's parent) offers some details.

"We believe virtualization will be a big part of our future," Sabhlok said. "But growth will be stunted if good management is not in place, and we think we have the solutions for the right kind of management."

To that end, ManagEngine will release a new version of its application management product, allowing MSPs and corporate IT managers to monitor and maintain virtual environments. "We need to offer management of every component in a virtual environment -- database, app server, web server, etc.," Sabhlok added.  The new application management product will incorporate support for the VMware V-Fabric Application Server into its Application Management product, which will also be upgraded at VMworld.

ManageEngine's Application Management product will now include runbook automation -- a tool to let clients graphically script-out their workflow in a drag-and-drop environment. "Our application management product has been very popular in the monitoring area," Sabhlok said. "It's going to help IT manager no only identify  potential negative situations via alert, but also take action in the scriptive workflow environment in a non-programming way that is very easy to set-up. It's a really cool technology that spans physical, virtual and cloud environments."

ManageEngine's third release centers are  its site 24x7 product and mobile device management (MDM). Site 24x7 will include what Sabhlok described as "an even more granular end-user experience for outside the firewall that allow clients to track how long it takes each page to load within a prescribed transaction." The solution will give IT organization feeback as to what end-users are experiencing on their site. "There is pressure on businesses to offer social IT," he added. "If there is a problem with a server or network, they need to see the problem before it arises. Then you have to be able to take corrective action. We are taking a lot of our social-collaboration tools from Zoho and integrating it into our IT." ManageEngine also plans to release a self-service password reset function for Site 24x7 during Q3 2011.

Separately, ManageEngine recently upgraded its On-Demand apps. to include Active Directory (AD) integration.

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