VM6 Software to Extend Virtualization, Launch MSP Partner Program

VM6 Software is poised to launch a Global Managed Service Provider Partner Program. If the partner program works as advertised, MSPs will gain a low-cost, build-as-you-grow model in the virtualization market.

So what exactly does that mean?  Previous versions of VM6's software used a single host. If the host went down, all of the applications and services provided through that host server would crash with it. Through this new program, MSP's can now extend virtualization through two hosts and will also have the luxury of point-to-point management.

Asserts VM6 Software Founder and CEO Claude Goudreault: "If you're an MSP and you want to move 100 clients to another cloud, we're probably not the best fit. If you want to get started with a cloud service and buy clusters as you grow, this new program is really going to help you."

The new version was actually released to clients a few months ago and VM6 has already received some positive feedback. It can be installed on any server that's compatible with Windows Server 2008/Microsoft Hyper-V, according to VM6 VP of Marketing and Business Development Jean-David Begin.

So far, more than 50 MSPs have joined the partner program and receive the following additional benefits:

  • Increased margins;
  • deal registration;
  • customer support;
  • partner sales and marketing support;
  • and lead generation programs
The new version is tailored to help SMBs, but Begin expects MSPs to take the platform into larger market opportunities as well. Right now, MSPs just starting to venture into offering a cloud server can buy clusters of 6-8 applications as they grow. "A lot of MSPs are still trying to figure this whole thing out," said Begin in terms of offering cloud-based services. "As MSPs, they see the cloud services coming and they want to figure out exactly how they fit in."

So this new VM6 software, it seems, is meant to help MSPs find a fit in the field of cloud networks. And as the software's scalability increases, so will the numbers MSP's it can better serve.

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