Virtual Computer NxTop 4: A Smarter Approach to VDI?

Virtual Computer NxTop 4: A Smarter Approach to VDI?

Virtual Computer Company LogoVirtual Computer, which develops distributed desktop virtualization software, has launched NxTop 4. The virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) software will allow channel partners and IT departments to more effectively manage VMs.

Leveraging Virtual Computer's approach, customers can store their data in their own data centers, and still deliver a high-fidelity desktop experience at what Virtual Computer claims is "a fraction of the cot of server-hosted VDI." Now Lenovo is working with Virtual Computer to deliver the solution on the NxTop unified platform.

Virtual Computer's NxTop 4 supports:

  • VMware vSphere/ESXi and Citrix Systems XenServer Support so that IT departments can put the nxTop servers into their existing virtualized servers.
  • Server VMs on PC Infrastructure, giving users the ability to centrally create, provision, and patch virtual Server 2008 instances on PC infrastructure.
  • Hot-Desking on Stateless End-Points for faster performance.
  • Green Computing capabilities to let IT departments drive down power costs for end-point devices and cut data center power and cooling costs.
  • Large Scale Enterprise Installer so that the NxTop Engine can be installed on hundreds of thousands of PCs in a distributed environment through multiple branch offices without technicians every having to do an on-site installation.
Virtual Computer will be demoing the NxTop 4 on Lenovo Think-branded PCs at VMworld 2011 this week in Las Vegas.
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