Virtela VP: Android, iOS to Play Bigger Role in Corporate Environments

Virtela VP: Android, iOS to Play Bigger Role in Corporate Environments

Virtela Company LogoVirtela, a cloud-based mobile device management (MDM) provider, continues to evolve to address customer trends. The latest focus area involves management services for Apple iOS, Google Android, tablets and smartphones in corporate environments. Here's what's driving the effort.

Virtela began as a managed network services provider but added managed security services to its offering roughly five years ago when its customers began asking for such a service. And when its mid-market to large enterprise customer base began asking about the cloud, Virtela added on a managed cloud services offering two years later. It's this type of flexible strategy that has helped Virtela build 50 data centers internationally and serve mid-market and enterprise customers in over 190 countries.

When I wanted to get a sense of the MDM trends in the big business sector, I interviewed Virtela Vice President of Marketing Liza Adams. She pointed to growing corporate support for Apple iOS and Android devices, riding the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend.

Virtela's Strategy

And true to its tradition, Adams said Virtela is adjusting it strategy to embrace the devices. For starters, Virtela recently announced support for the new iOS platform -- just like all the other scores of MDM competitors today. But according to Adams, the reasons that Virtela's MDM solution is unique is two-fold.
  1. Virtela ESC enables local compliance and is a "proven platform" for IT services; and
  2. VirtelaView offers customers a single window to manage all of mobile devices on its network. That includes configuration and provisioning and control access to resources and applications.
Virtela's MDM solution also protects corporate data with application white list and blacklist controls, device locator, remote and selective wipe and other features. All of this to solve what the company has identified as the top four mobile device IT challenges: management, security, cost control and compliance.

Virtela launched its global MDM solution back in April 2011. At the time we questioned whether MSPs can safeguard smart phones and tablets. So far the answer has been 'Yes," as far as Virtela is concerned. Adams said Virtela's biggest competition has been companies trying to manage devices on their own.

But as ProfitLine executives Eric Januszko and Kathleen Glass told us last week, there's a cutoff point where MDM becomes too complex for companies to do on their own. It looks like Virtela has found that point as well. We'll see if other MDM providers or MSPs follow suit.
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