VerityThree Builds Consulting, MSP Brand, Expands into D.C.

VerityThree is continuing to build and expand its technology consulting and managed services brand within the United States. This week the MSP opened a technology support center in Washington, D.C. The announcement comes nearly two months after VerityThree expanded into Dallas, Texas in order to take advantage of business customer acquisition opportunities outside of its Chicago metropolitan area home region.

VerityThree also scored a $1.2 million managed services deal with the Chicago-based engineering company HR Green in April 2011. But the MSP remains committed to building a national brand and finding more managed services deals similar to the HR Green deal throughout different U.S. regions. So its latest target is the D.C. area. And to lead the company's new technology support center, VerityThree has hired Wayne Speaks as its new Systems Engineer for the D.C. metro area. Speaks will lead a team of VerityThree IT professionals and work with VerityThree partners such as Citrix Systems and VMware in order to expand the company's expertise in the virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) space.

According to VerityThree President Jonathan Smith, VDI is one of the emerging technologies that is being increasingly used by VerityThree customers and will continue to play a role in future technology roadmaps. So in order to stay up to date on the VDI scene, VerityThree will fill its new technology center with what Smith says is the top talent needed to support business customers' VDI needs.

It's clear that VerityThree is on a region expansion mission throughout the United States, but the company is keeping the details of its plan under wraps. Smith only said that VerityThree's goal for 2012 is to continue to add "highly respected and knowledgeable technology professionals" to its team, regardless of geographic region. So all we know right now is that VerityThree plans on continuing to expand its team. Where in the United States that expansion pops up is anyone's guess.



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